About me

Hello, I’m Mike Lind

I’m going to apologize straight away. First, for the incredibly large picture of me, and secondly, I have always felt weird writing about myself in the third person.

Also, I find it pretentious to be writing about how much I love being in real estate. You can find that on the thousands of other real estate agent’s websites.

Likely, you’re here to get a better sense of who I am; not who someone thinks I am (see my testimonials for that).

So, who am I?
I’m just a “normal” dude, father, and husband living in the West Rouge neighbourhood of Toronto. My wife makes us a hot couple and has given me 3 amazing kids.

We are misplaced foodies since our children haven’t leveled up to our pallettes just yet. We escape on the town as often as we can to get our gastronomical fix (as evidenced by my annoying FaceBook check-ins).

I’ve developed a real taste for kettle chips, pinot noir, and dark chocolate that helped me rock a mean dad-bod for a while.

Now, I regularly beat up a punching bag at my Jujitsu and Muay Thai gym so I can keep the appearance of being in great shape but really, it’s to make sure I get to see my children grow up. I lost my father at the age of 15 so this hits near and dear to me.

I’ve been told that my sarcasm is sharp and quick. Apparently, sarcasm is a sign of advanced intelligence, so that’s that.

I have an affinity for music. I plug my headphones in to escape and listen to my vast collection of music (I actually still collect Cds). Drum and bass is a guilty pleasure.

Decluttering (I actually wrote a guide on decluttering. Nerd) and Feng Shui are two of my most recently discovered interests.

For the most part though, if I find myself with some spare time, my wife and I will be with the kids skating, tobogganing, bike riding, or running around at a park playing the floor is lava!

That’s me. I’d love to get to know you.

Want to chat about something you see or just need an incredibly gifted real estate agent? Let’s connect.

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