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The 'Real' Mike

I’m going to apologize straight away. I have always felt weird about writing about myself in the third person. I also find it pretentious to be writing about how much I love being in real estate. You can find that on the thousands of other real estate agent’s websites. Likely, you’re here to get a better sense of who I am; not who someone thinks I am (see my testimonials for that).

So who am I? I’m a short, semi-good looking guy (my mom and wife tell me...) living in the East side of Toronto. My wife makes us a hot couple and has given me 3 amazing kids. My wife and I are reformed foodies since our children haven’t leveled up to our food abilities … yet. We escape on the town as often as we can to get our gastronomical fix.

Now, because of my three bundles of non-stop energy, and my love of Toronto’s finer food establishments, I rock a mean dad-bod. I exercise regularly so I can keep a good appearance but really, it's to make sure I get to see my children grow up. I lost my father at the age of 15 so this hits near and dear to me.

I’ve been told that my sarcasm is sharp and quick. Apparently, sarcasm is a sign of advanced intelligence, so that’s that.

I have an affinity for music. I plug my headphones in to escape and I'm thinking I should buy stock in Spotify. Synth-rock is a guilty pleasure. Yoga is one of my most recently discovered interests. 

In the winter, you'll find me ice skating and tobogganing with the kids. Summer is reserved for bike riding, splash pads and playing tag at a park. Other kids always ask if they can play tag as well (it gets awkward).

Some things I can't stand:

  • my nails being too long
  • public pools
  • forgetting my shower slippers at the gym
  • dealing with douchebag agents (this should be number 1 actually)
  • clutter
  • being late

Well, that’s me. Want to get better acquainted? Reach out and let's connect.

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