The “Real” Mike

I’m going to apologize straight away. I have always felt weird about writing about myself in the third person. Also, I find it pretentious to be writing about how much I love being in real estate. You can find that on the thousands of other real estate agent’s websites. Likely, you’re here to get a better sense of who I am; not who someone thinks I am (see my testimonials for that).

So who am I? I’m a short, semi-good looking guy (I think) living in the East side of Toronto. My wife makes us a hot couple and has given me 3 amazing kids. My wife and I are reformed foodies since our children haven’t leveled up to our food abilities … yet. We escape on the town as often as we can to get our gastronomical fix (as evidenced by my annoying FaceBook check-ins).

So, because of my three bundles of non-stop energy, and my love of Toronto’s finer food establishments, I rock a mean dad-bod. I exercise regularly (this week any way) so I can keep a good appearance and, to make sure I get to see my children grow up. I lost my father at the age of 15 so this hits near and dear to me.

I’ve been told that my sarcasm is sharp and quick. Apparently, sarcasm is a sign of advanced intelligence, so that’s that.

I have an affinity for music. I plug my headphones in to escape and listen to my vast collection of music (big thanks to napster and limewire). Drum and bass is a guilty pleasure. Design and Feng Shui are two of my most recently discovered interests. For the most part though, if I find myself with some spare time, my wife and I will be with the kids skating, tobogganing, bike riding, at a park or splash pad or, just trying to get them to go the f*^% to sleep!

That’s me. I’d love to get to know you (there are ways to get a hold of me all over this site).

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Mike Lind

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