Mike Lind real estate agent

Hi there, I’m Mike Lind, the one tapping the buttons behind the scene. I have been a full-time licensed Realtor since 2004.

I was born in Toronto, and raised in the suburbs, but always had my eyes on Toronto; literally, I could see the skyline from my town.

After finishing high school, technology and design caught my attention. The internet was still relatively new and the iPhone was still 5 years away, but the thought of building web applications was something I thought I could see myself doing.


As much as I liked programming, it was planning and discussing the design that interested me, and soon after left college to pursue something else.

Enter real estate.

I went full force, full-time into it combining my love for technology and design and discovering that clients appreciated my open opinion on houses and finding hidden value that perfectly suited what they were looking for.

Now, I’ve settled with my family in West Rouge, Toronto, where I concentrate on helping people sell their homes while showcasing the finer details of the neighbourhood that attracts new interested buyers eager to join the community.