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There are litterally tens of thousands of real estate agents in Toronto. (Not that I’m counting. Numbers aren’t my thing. People are.)

Benefits of Buying with me:

No pressure

I’m not in this to make a quick sale, and will never push you into making a decision you’re not 100% confident about.

No B.S.

You can trust me to be brutally honest with you about the house we’re looking at. If I spot a rotten apple, I’ll let you know.

On-demand communication

Have a question? Just saw a new listing? Get in touch anytime. I have a very understanding wife and guarantee to get back to you within 25 minutes.

Unrivaled services

I offer each and every client custom services that help make the buying experience feel more comfortable and tailored to your needs. My systems are an important part of getting you the information when it’s relevant.

Street smarts

We’ll share our industry and area knowledge so you can make decisions without fear of regret.

City-wide expertise

I make a point to keep tabs on market trends around the city, not just niche neighbourhoods. I work with a lot of clients that have a particular budget and are open to different options and neighbourhoods. My goal is to find the best fit for you and your needs.

Strategic negotiation

You can count on me to go to bat for you and get you the best house for the best possible price.

In Summary: Get A Good Real Estate Agent

There is so much to consider when buying a home, the sheer amount of information involved can be overwhelming. And then you have to make decisions with that information, and hope that those decisions 1) get you the home and 2) the home is truly the right one for you.

You also need trusted mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate lawyers and others to complete the purchase. It’s quite complicated and personal, and we all need a little outside guidance. So get the right real estate agent for your needs.

It’s important to really know your own priorities regarding the location, condition and size of the home you want to buy from the start.

During your home search, you may find those priorities shifting as you see what is available and discover more things to love in Toronto. A good agent will support you in that, too. (Many of my clients have found communities they love and homes that just needed some TLC to have major curb appeal.)

Hopefully, these tips help you buy a home with better confidence and success. Good luck, and if you want to chat, I’m a simple text message away! 416-995-0987


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