Chris& Laurissa

First-Time Home Seller (Condo), Newmarket

Thank you so much Mike for all you’ve done for us during our journey in the housing market.

It felt like a lot of craziness from our end a lot of the time, but you were always there to take our calls, respond to our texts, and generally bring us back down from our anxiety and panic.

In today’s world of real estate, it’s so important to have a calm and collected person looking out for your best interest, and this is definitely what you were and what you did.

You’re also a straight shooter, not just telling us what we wanted to hear; but telling us how you saw it. This is incredibly helpful, because there’s nothing worse than unrealistic expectations.

False promises and false hope, are just that.


You gave us realistic expectations to work with, and then even more importantly, followed them up with real results.