Home Seller, Brampton

Mike has helped me to buy/sell three homes in total. Through these experiences, I have seen the full array of skills and experience that Mike brings to his clients. Mike provides a service that goes well beyond what one expects from a real estate agent.

Mike listens attentively to what you are looking to achieve, either through sale or purchase, and he makes it his mission to accomplish your goals. Mike is able to perfectly balance dogged determination with effortless affability. He is constantly working while constantly calm, professional and focused. Approachable and skilled, he is a people person who uses his experience to guide when he should listen and when he should act. His judgement and character are impeccable and shine through in the business he conducts. You will find yourself trusting Mike’s advice very early on in your professional relationship as his knowledge base and candid approach win you over. He is an ally and an ambassador for your cause.

Mike was always prepared with relevant and up to date comparable information. This allowed me to make informed decisions (about offers received and the strength of any offer I wished to make) in a timely manner. Every time I attended to view a property, Mike had already arrived and had familiarized himself not just with the property itself, but the neighbouring area. Mike was frank in identifying the shortcomings of properties but always gave reasoned analysis for his concerns. His advice was always well informed but equally measured and fair. One of the properties I purchased was outside of Mike’s more familiar areas. He worked extremely hard to educate himself about the neighbourhood and provided the same level of informed guidance and advice. I never found myself waiting to hear back from Mike as he worked quickly and maintained communication with me.

I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. He has always been responsive to my inquiries, tactically sound in his approach, and effective in his solutions. Mike was the single biggest factor in my ability to meet both my financial and timeline related objectives each time I worked with him. Thank you Mike for everything.