Thinking of selling your Toronto home?
Let’s sell it right.

In the Toronto real estate market, the right agent can make all the difference in the world. Find out how I help Sellers sell their homes.

You probably feel that your home is special. You probably hope that just the right buyer comes along- a buyer who gets the magic and wants to continue where you have left off.

At the same time, you are concerned about the hassles that lie ahead. You dread the inconvenience, the labor and the uncomfortableness of strangers invading your private space. You might even be afraid of losing control, feeling manipulated or buyers constantly asking from more dimes and nickles.

You want to sell your home in “as-is” condition but you are afraid you’ll have to do all kinds of expensive work- and you just don’t have the time or the money.

You might even have less than positive feelings about Realtors. You might feel we are sales people, out for ourselves and more sales. You might think we are kind of greedy and paid way more than we are worth. Afterall, you might think, anyone can be a Realtor. You probably wonder what we do to earn any commission at all!

I get it. I understand your point of view. I can deliver the real estate experience you need. Fast and convenient? Done. Cream Puff condition and top dollar? Done. Something handcrafted, just to your liking? Done and Done.

Here are just a few ways a home listed with me stands out from the crowd:

  • Professional Photo Essay of your home
  • Ad copy designed to attract the best buyer
  • Complementary “Fluff and Puff” service
  • Interactive 3D scan of your home
  • Unique and branded website for your home
  • Preferred status on major real estate shopping portals
  • Exposure to over 56,000 real estate agents and their clients through the Multiple List Service
  • Access to the best local services
  • Project management for repairs and staging for sale

Working together is as hassle free as I can make it. From the moment you sign the listing contract to the final close and transfer of money. I assist you in the preparation of your home for sale with advice, priority access to our favorite vendors, coordination of appointments and timelines. I take care of all those pesky details, so you can worry about big things…

I use a professional showing appointment center to ensure that agents are able to show your home for maximum exposure while not disrupting your life.

Any real estate transaction in Toronto comes with a mountain of paperwork. I’ll explain everything in as much, or as little, detail as you like. We can do so in person or we can use electronic signatures to make it as quick and easy as possible. Everyone is different and I’ll work with you in the manner you want. I’ll fit the process and schedule to accommodate your life – not ask you to fit into mine.

Selling a home is usually a big deal in any person’s life. While there is no way to guarantee a completely problem free transaction, know things are better with me by your side. 

I want your experience working with me to be not just a pleasant one, but an extraordinary one.

Good Enough Simply Isn’t.