In the Toronto real estate market, the right agent can make all the difference in the world.

Find out how I help Sellers sell their homes.

 3 simple steps to Make sure the best buyer is found and sell your  home for top dollar in the shortest time possible – at any time year.

Fix What Needs Fixing

Buyers are stretched thin financially to afford a house and are easily put-off by a house that needs some work.

Let’s fix what needs to be fixed which will attract enthusiastic buyers ready to pay top dollar for your home.

Stage It

After searching houses online, most buyers are attracted to the houses that look the best.

Once our home stagers are finished with your home, qualified buyers will be ready to buy.

Market the Heck Out of It

We start with a targeted buyer demographic analysis for your home.

From there we build out the entire marketing campaign to attract not just anyone but, the right buyer for your home.


Fix What Needs Fixing

This is truly the most important step in selling your home. Today’s home buyers are stretched financially thin and are squeamish about buying a dated, run down house. Couple that with the entry price of houses in Toronto, buyers have expectations of buying a home that proves its value.

We don’t leave anything to chance and have your home inspected by a qualified home inspector along with a detailed home inspection report that we can provide to interested buyers.

Having the home inspected before going to the market is very beneficial to you and the buyer:

  • it acts as your disclosure about defects in the home that you may not have known about
  • allows you to show what needed fixing was fixed
  • buyers will pay more money for a home that doesn’t need repairs

But wait, there’s more… When you hire us to sell your home, $500 is covered for any repairs that may need to be done.

When we list a house for sale, other agents know our reputation for selling sound houses and not just putting lipstick on a pig.


Make it Pretty

Making your house pretty is way more than packing up personal belongings, taking pictures off the walls and moving furniture around.

We work with an interior designer who will provide you with detailed proposal on what must be done, what should be done to maximize your home’s value and, what would put your house over the top in terms of making buyers fall in love.

We want your home to be a show stopper because:

  • buyers will pay more for a beautiful home
  • staged and styled homes sell faster
  • you are selling a lifestyle not just a home
  • makes your home seem bigger

It may be hard thinking of your home being completely transformed but the reality is, once you’ve decided to sell, it isn’t your home any more. You are now selling a lifestyle that home buyers see themselves living in your home.

Once your home is completely styled, we bring in our professional property photographer and videographer. What good is it having a beautifully prepared home if the photos don’t show off the new found beauty?

That’s a rhetorical question and leads us to the next step in the selling process; marketing.


Market the Heck out of It

The marketing began when the photos were processed and the video was created. Through a blend of new school and old school marketing and adding a targeted buyer demographic analysis finding what type of person/people are looking for your home. From there we build out the entire marketing campaign aiming to attract as many enthusiastic and qualified buyers to your home.

Old School Marketing
Better known as print marketing these days! We take the print aspect to a entire new level. A magazine is made for your home not just some MS Word sheet with some pictures on it.

Complete with floorplans, area influences like schools, TTC stops and GO stations, coffee shops, parks and hospitals keeps your home top of mind with seriously interested buyers.

An inspiring article about what you love about your home and the neighbourhood is written forge an even deeper emotional bond with buyers.

Lastly, the buyers are reminded of all the renovations and repairs that have been done to the house again, to reinforce that it truly is a great home to buy.

Sticking with the old school marketing, postcards are sent out to the surrounding homes as it has been proven that most houses are bought by people already living in the area either looking to upgrade, downsize or have family and friends live closer.

We offer you the option of an open house. Through trial and error, we find the people coming through open houses tend to be nosy neighbours, tire kickers and unfortunate buyers represented by lazy, er, low motivated agents.

Online and Social Media (New School)
A dedicated website for your home is made where interested buyers can find extra photos that can’t be uploaded to the MLS and, the secret sauce, a blog is written to capitalize on Google’s search which most people use. That video of your home is uploaded to Youtube and placed on the website as well adding even more juice to a Google search.

We believe less is more and instead of splashing your home on bargain hunter sites like Craigslist and Kijiji diluting your Google search juice we place your home on the following websites:

  • by far the most visited real estate website in Canada
  • Google ads
  • Youtube: the second most searched site after Google
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads

This old school and new school formula has helped our home sellers get more for their house than the average real estate agent does:


Average Days to Sell a Home

Toronto Board Average

Our Average


Faster Our Homes Sell

Selling Price Compared Listed Price


Toronto Board Average


Our Average

The bottom line is we know how to get enthusiastic and mortgage qualified buyers into your home which is why it will sell faster, disrupting your life the least and sell for more money than the average real estate agent which means much more money for you in the end.

Ready if you are! The next chapter of your life is right around the corner.