Revealed: Home Selling Guarantee Scam

Reading time: long | Writing mood: appalled | Writing track: Ministry - Thieves (careful, it’s a heavy, aggressive song with swearing)   As you likely already know, I despise the BUY THIS HOME AND I’LL BUY YOURS FOR CASH, IF YOUR HOME DOESN’T SELL IN 10 DAYS,...

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Buyer Case Study: Patience Pays Off

Reading time: 3 minutes | Writing mood: grinning ear to ear | Writing track: Guns ‘n Roses - Patience   Patience, You Must Have    One of my favourite songs from  Guns ‘n Roses; Patience. You needed it in the 90’s to tie a bandanna and wear a baseball hat...

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Superhero Real Estate Agent Costs Seller $1,550

  Sometimes, trying to have a client's’ best interest, isn't in their best interest   Read time: 3 minutes | Writing mood: confused | Writing track: Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan (linked at the end of this post)   Picture this, you buy a used car and...

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