houses that sold in west rouge - february 2024

Houses That Sold in West Rouge February 2024

Exploring Real Estate Trends in West Rouge and Centennial: A February 2024 Market Overview

Hey everyone, it’s Mike Lind here, back with another exciting episode diving into the houses that sold in West Rouge and Centennial for February 2024. Today, I’m sporting my Thievery Corporation shirt, a souvenir from a concert my wife attended at Drake’s club. Yes, I missed out on the concert, but I’ve got some interesting real estate stories to share with you.

But before we delve into the housing market, let me give you a glimpse into my recent concert experience. Standing in line with general admission tickets, my wife and I quickly realized we weren’t up for hours of standing. So, we splurged on VIP tickets, and boy, was it worth it! From the comfortable seating to the impeccable sound quality, it was a night to remember. But let’s steer back to real estate – that’s why you’re here, right?

First up, let’s talk about the hot properties in West Rouge. Mayberly Street seems to be a hit among buyers, with a charming three-bedroom, three-washroom house selling for $980,000 within just one day of listing. With hardwood floors, a deck, and a cozy wood-burning fireplace, it’s no wonder this property flew off the market.

Moving on to Island Road, a property with an intriguing story caught my attention. Initially listed at $999,000, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house had a bumpy journey, staying on the market for 40 days. However, things took an unexpected turn when multiple offers poured in, eventually selling for $1,150,000. Despite needing some TLC, its pool and spacious yard added value, making it a worthy investment.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Blue Anchor Trail, where a newly built home stood out. Boasting modern design and ample space, this property left a lasting impression. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, its industrial farmhouse aesthetic appealed to many. With 40 photos on the MLS, there was no shortage of views for interested buyers.

But the real showstopper was on East Avenue, a three-bedroom, four-bathroom gem listed at $1.149 million. With 10 offers and a final sale price of $1.33 million, this property was a steal. Despite lacking exterior photos, its interior charm shone through, from hardwood floors to elegant finishes. With its proximity to schools and the GO station, it was an ideal find for any buyer.

Moving on to Centennial, let’s start with the first property on the list: Colonel Danforth. This house garnered a lot of attention and excitement upon its initial release due to its architectural uniqueness and stunning design. However, practical considerations soon became apparent upon closer inspection.

While the house boasted a beautiful blend of stone, wood, and steel elements, its layout posed challenges for most people. The finishes, such as the multicolored cabinets, were not to everyone’s taste, deviating from the more conventional one-color cabinets found in typical homes.

From an architectural standpoint, the house was impressive, almost resembling a hard loft alternative. Priced at $1.399 million, it eventually sold for $1.32 million after 40 days on the market. However, its unique features, including skylights and a glass floor, weren’t practical for everyone.

The property lacked adequate closet space, especially for couples sharing the space. Additionally, the division walls in the bedrooms didn’t provide sufficient sound barrier or privacy, making it less suitable for families.

Despite its drawbacks, the house had a unique appeal, especially with its elevated deck overlooking the ravine. However, the lack of landscaping and proximity to Lawrence Avenue added to its challenges. Nevertheless, its architectural uniqueness earned it a feature in Dwell magazine, showcasing its innovative design.

Transitioning to more traditional homes, we come to a property on Dona Street. Priced at $999,000 and eventually selling for $1,000,050, this detached brick house offered three bedrooms and three bathrooms. While the staging was commendable, some aspects of furniture placement could have been improved.

Moving through the main floor, the living-dining combination featured laminate floors laid diagonally, adding visual interest. However, better staging could have showcased the space more effectively, especially in the kitchen area.

The kitchen, although updated, lacked certain modern conveniences like task lighting and featured a busy backsplash. The basement, while finished, provided additional living space but didn’t significantly impact the overall value.

Despite its drawbacks, the property offered good value for its price, especially considering its location and proximity to amenities.

Next on Satchel Boulevard, an older-style home was listed for $1,000,150 and sold for $1,000,160 in just three days. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a spacious backyard with an inground pool, this property offered considerable appeal.

The interior featured classic wood finishes, although painting the doors could be challenging. The bathrooms were updated to a basic standard, and while the basement wasn’t luxuriously finished, it added to the overall livable space.

The backyard, with its large size and pool, was a significant selling point. However, the proximity to neighboring properties and potential noise from Lawrence Avenue posed drawbacks.

Moving to townhouses, the Cardo townhouse on Centennial was listed for $799,000 and sold for $775,000 after 15 days. This beautifully renovated property featured unique herringbone floors and an open-concept layout, making it highly desirable despite its townhouse status.

The modern kitchen boasted quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and elegant finishes. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a finished basement, it offered excellent value for its price, especially with its usable backyard and included maintenance fees.

On Lawrence Avenue, a freehold townhouse listed at $899,000 eventually sold for $845,000 after 31 days. While the property offered good value, its presentation left much to be desired. Lived-in conditions and minor issues like missing cabinet knobs detracted from its appeal, despite its two-car garage and low-maintenance yard.

Transitioning to Atchinson Avenue, a stunning three-bedroom home listed at $1 million sold for $1.195 million after 11 days. Virtually staged, the property showcased modern features like a two-way fireplace and updated kitchen. While it lacked some details like a chandelier, it offered excellent value with its finished basement and proximity to amenities.

On Stagecoach Drive, another townhouse listed at $798,000 sold for $857,000 in 14 days. While presenting well, some aspects like a mini-fridge in a bedroom could have been improved. However, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage, it offered good value, especially considering its location near the GO station.

Lastly, a property on And Dona Street offered three bedrooms and four bathrooms, selling for $1,000,040 after four days. Despite some minor flaws like a crowded backyard, it provided good value with its brick exterior, laminate floors, and updated bathrooms.

In summary, the February 2024 market overview for West Rouge and Centennial showed promising sales with homes often selling above asking price and within a relatively short timeframe. With the spring market approaching, now is an opportune time for buyers and sellers to prepare for upcoming opportunities.