reasons to report a real estate agent - not showing up to appointments

Reasons to Report a Real Estate Agent – Missing Appointments

The first of what I think will be a long running series. Reasons to Report a Real Estate Agent – Missing Appointments, is first up because it happened, twice this week.

Picture this; you are going on a date this evening at a fancy restaurant downtown. You and your date are meeting at 8:00.

You plan your outfit. Maybe you went to the hairstylist earlier in the week in anticipation of this night.

You’re excited about what you’re going to eat at this restaurant. You anticipate the atmosphere. You can hear the live piano, the murmur of other people’s conversations.

But most of all, you can’t wait to meet your date.

You arrive when you were supposed to and are seated at your table by the maitre’d.

The server comes by and asks if you’d like to order a drink while you wait. You politely decline because “they’ll be here soon”, and instead opt with a glass of ice water.

10 minutes go by, past the time you were supposed to meet your date. You just chalk it up to traffic. It’s especially bad right now with road construction seemingly on every street.

Another 10 minutes go by, and not wanting to be “that person”, you resist the urge to text or call to see where they are.

The waiter comes by again, but this time you do order a drink. “Why should I wait for them if they’re 20 minutes late?” you ask yourself.

Your drink arrives. Your date still hasn’t called or texted you to let you know how much longer they’ll be.

You’re starting to get mad. It’s embarrassing sitting in this fancy restaurant alone. You think you feel pitiful stares from other patrons, but you chalk it up to paranoia. So you decide to text your date.

No reply.

Halfway through your drink, they are now half an hour late and your pissed off.

This time you call. It goes unanswered so you leave a snarky message.

Finally, 45 minutes after your meeting time and unanswered calls and texts, you realize you are being stood up.

The ultimate humiliation.

What a cowardly move and complete lack of courtesy.

You count out $40, leave it on the table and walk out of the restaurant with blinders on trying to look as dignified as possible, but the humiliation burns deep.

This scenario reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas where Henry stands up Karen and she confronts him, raging mad, in front of all the Goodfellas outside the espresso bar.

Here’s another scenario for you. You have your house listed for sale. You raised your kids in this house and babysat your grandchildren. You lost your spouse while living in this house.

Now, your grandkids are off to college and you look forward to seeing everyone together during holidays.

But you have limited mobility and the upkeep of the house is too much. Due to your mobility issues, you can’t leave for appointments.

You do the best you can to keep the house presentable for showings and stay in the living room during showings to make it as least awkward as possible.

You are expecting your last appointment of the day at 7:30. It’s already dark by then, so you make sure you’ve gone around the home and turned all the lights on, even the ones outside.

You sit in your chair and work on your crossword in anticipation of the appointment.

7:45 rolls around and no one has arrived yet.

You remind yourself that they booked a 45 minute window for the appointment. Still, only half an hour to go through the place has you concerned.

8:00. Are they coming? Maybe they called your agent to let them know they were running late but would be there soon. You call your agent to ask if they canceled the appointment or said they’d be late.

Your agent says no call from the buyer agent, but tells you they will call to find out what’s happening.

it’s now 8:30. Your agent has called you back twice letting you know there was no answer to their calls and text messages and that you should close up and not let them in if they do show up.

You hobble around the house and turn off all the lights and head to bed wondering why the agent didn’t show up or call to cancel.

I’ve elaborated the story but this happened the other night to my clients.

I called, sent texts, and had the agent paged through his office with no answer until the next day when he finally answered my call.

He gave me some lame excuse that his client had a headache and couldn’t make the appointment.

I asked him if he remembered booking the appointment online through the booking system.

He said yes.

I asked him if he received confirmation by email or text from that same booking system

Again, yes.

I told him he was just a piece of shit completely discourteous, selfish prick who couldn’t take the 30 seconds to cancel the appointment.

Our appointment confirmation email makes it simple to cancel an appointment with a click of a button.

He apologized after I threatened him with calls to his broker and TREB ethics. I’m still on the fence about going through with the call to TREB.

It’s not hard to have just an ounce of courtesy to call or text and let people know you won’t be showing up to your scheduled appointment.

But I shouldn’t be surprised knowing that professionalism and courtesy isn’t a requirement to be in this business.


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