the week that was in west rouge real estate

The Week That Was in West Rouge Real Estate – December 4 – 10, 2023

Greetings, friends and neighbours.

Let’s delve into the events of the past week in West Rouge concerning real estate from December 4th to the 10th, 2023. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

Firstly, we’ll explore the new listings that have recently hit the market. Following that, we’ll discuss any noteworthy price changes. Then, we’ll move on to properties sold conditionally, those that were withdrawn from the market, and the always intriguing sold properties. Lastly, we’ll review what’s currently available on the market.

Let’s get started!

New Listings:
Our first spotlight is on 22 Bluebird Place, a semi-detached property listed at $1,099,903 with four bedrooms and four washrooms.

Price Changes:
Turning our attention to price adjustments, 24 Clems Drive (or Cleans Drive or Clemez Drive) is a detached home now priced at $2.39 million, down from its initial listing of $2.475 million. This property boasts five bedrooms and four washrooms. Additionally, 600 Lawrence Avenue East No. 32, a condo townhouse, has a new price of $749,800, reduced from $795,800, featuring three bedrooms and two washrooms.

Off the Market:
Properties removed from the market include 93 Trelenock Avenue, initially listed at $999,900 but withdrawn at $959,000 after 56 days. Also, 22 Mildock Drive, originally priced at $1.333 million, remained unchanged upon withdrawal after 16 days.

Sold Conditionally:
Revisiting 600 Lawrence Avenue East No. 32, this condo townhouse, listed at $749,800, is conditionally sold after 13 days on the market. Additionally, 51 East Avenue, another condo townhouse with a list price of $750,000, secured an offer after 34 days on the market.

Successfully Sold:
Moving to sold properties, 60 Freeport Drive, a semi-detached home listed at $840,000, sold for 101% of its list price within 13 days. Similarly, 25 Winter Gardens Trail, a detached property listed at $1.229 million, achieved a 96% sale of its list price in 11 days (44 days considering price fluctuations).

Currently Available:
As we wrap up, there are 23 houses for sale in the Tanner and Centennial neighborhoods, with 13 in West Rouge. The lowest-priced property is a condo townhouse at $638,000, while the highest is listed at $3,079,000. The average days on the market for available properties is 41.